Securely send and receive files

SureSend is a secure file transfer service that enables businesses to safely and simply receive files from their clients. Unlike general file sharing services, SureSend is designed to serve the specific needs of business professionals who need to receive sensitive information from their customers.



  • Files are encrypted throughout transmission, from end-to-end, using keys which are unique to your account.
  • Only account key holders can decrypt and securely download received files.
  • An integrity check is performed on each file to prevent tampering.



  • For compliance with data protection legislation a business needs to use appropriate technical security measures to protect the information of its clients.
  • SureSend's systems are approved under the Cyber Essentials scheme.
  • You can track files sent to your clients to see if they've been downloaded.



  • The simplicity of SureSend is that your clients do not need to register with the service in order to upload their files to you.
  • To use SureSend, simply request a file upload from one of your clients.
  • Your client uploads their file to SureSend using a secure connection.

For accountants

As an accountant, you'll often need to obtain sensitive financial information from your clients. SureSend also enables you to send outbound files to your customers. Use SureSend to send and receive payslips, company accounts and personal tax return details.

For insurance brokers

When you arrange insurance for your clients you'll need to have access to their personal data. With SureSend you can send them a template form which they can complete and securely return to you through SureSend. Your clients' personal information stays encrypted until it reaches you.


For financial advisers

Compliance with money laundering regulations necessitates obtaining evidence of an individual's identity. To do so remotely means you'll need to receive copies of documents containing personal information. If you request these details through SureSend you can ensure your client's data is protected during transmission to you.

For all professional services

Many professional service businesses, such as estate agents, letting agents and solicitors, need to receive sensitive personal or financial information from their customers. SureSend can help you protect your customers' data in compliance with the GDPR and Data Protection Acts.

Why do I need SureSend?

If you ask your clients to send their personal information by email attachment you could be putting their data at risk.

Plain email between different accounts is inherently insecure.

Sending documents as email attachments does not satisfy this fundamental requirement.

SureSend lets you securely exchange documents containing sensitive personal and financial information.


About SureSend

The SureSend secure file transfer service is a product of Dapris Limited, a software company specialising in data privacy and information security. The idea for SureSend arose after frequent requests - from solicitors, estate agents, accounts and other finanical service providers - for sensitive data to be sent to them via plain email. It was clear that a need existed for an easy way for these businesses to be able to securely receive documents from their clients.

SureSend was developed and is maintained on behalf of Dapris by Genus One. It is hosted in a European data centre.


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